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Rapid Reads

The Losing Lottery Ticket Saved My Life

I had a simple plan.


The first step, convince my doctor that I suffer from insomnia when I visited his office and pick up my new prescription of Zolpiden.

Then the final step, swallow every single Zolpiden pill in the bottle and finally fall asleep forever. 


But just like all my plans in life, this one didn’t work out either. 


Like the dinosaur, I became extinct.  The only difference between me and the dinosaur was that I had forgotten to die. 


My plan to commit suicide failed when my co worker stopped me on my way out of work, and life, to tell me, “Dude remember to buy a lotto ticket tonight.  The jackpot’s huge. You never know, it could change your life.”

His last words repeated in my head like a broken record.  His words repeated in my brain so much so, I bought a lottery ticket. 

And instead of taking the pills right after,  I waited to watch the lottery drawing that night.


I figured what’s a few more hours of life.  With my lottery ticket placed next to the pills on the floor in front of television, I watched the lottery drawing.  I watched the tupae wearing host reveal the numbers.  One by one, I looked up at the television and then my ticket. 

Not a single number matched my ticket, not one.


Just like that, my hope was deflated.

Just like that, my life felt impossible again.


After the numbers were read, I said goodbye to the world as if it ever cared about me. I grabbed a handful pills and began to shoved them in my mouth.  That is, until the host signed off by saying, “Tune in tomorrow for the Powerball drawing.  If you’re weren’t lucky tonight , then try again tomorrow.”

I spit the pills out, all of the them.

If not today, why not tomorrow?  What’s another day of this shit life I told myself as I watched the wet pills stick and melt into the carpet.


Well it has been two years since buying my first lottery ticket, and I have never won, yet. 

Hi.  I’m Brian and I’m a lottery addict.

Unlike most addictions though, this one has saved my life.