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Rapid Reads

The Comedic Remedy

The comedian made me feel alive ‘til the very end.

He didn’t even know I existed, but he was my only friend.


I came to the club carrying all my depression,

which he took away, because that’s what he does, “that’s his profession.”


He became my medicine, helping me endure life through his comedy.

Whether in the club, TV, or on film, his performances were a life-saving remedy.


The comedian saved me from several attempts at suicide.

And I wasn’t the only one as his comedic cure was dispensed worldwide.


Now I know he took on all of the audience’s depression and grief.

The comedian gave all of himself just to give us a moment of relief.


The comedian made us laugh; he made us forget our sorrow.

The comedian performed, so we could all endure tomorrow.


The comedian helped so many fight their depression by ‘aiming to please.’

But the comedian couldn’t save himself from the same disease.