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Reviewed By Tina Stanciu for Readers’ Favorite

The Exiles by E. Leo Foster tells the story of Johnny, a former prisoner, his attempts at a second chance in life, and the struggles he will have to face in order to redeem himself. Unfortunately, life is rarely like one dreams it will be, and Johnny finds himself dealing with the realities of his past and how his mistakes are continuously influencing his present and future. We are drawn into the story from the very beginning with the help of a personal and sincere writing style and an intriguing plot. When reading this book, you will feel as if Johnny is telling you his story face to face, mainly due to the author’s ability to create believable characters with whom readers can relate.

Although Johnny’s story is unique and filled with plot twists, the message behind it is a universal one: a prison sentence is not something that miraculously goes away once you’ve regained your freedom. A prison sentence will follow and torment you until there is nothing left of you but a shallow copy of who you once were. And sometimes, imprisonment can take unexpected shapes, you don’t have to be behind bars to be trapped, and you don’t need a judge to give you a sentence. A prison sentence can come from the people you least expect, from the people you love and trust.

The best thing about E. Leo Foster’s book is that it is written to thrill and excite, with highs, lows, and plot twists that keep the reader on the edge of his seat and allow the story to move forward towards a captivating and unexpected ending. And E. Leo Foster does that while sketching a lesson for us all. A lesson about the limitations of your freedom, the dependencies we get caught up in, and the consequences of secrets and living life in the shadows. All in all, The Exiles is an exciting read, one that tells a thought-provoking story about being trapped in your own existence.