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Reviewed By Faridah Nassozi for Readers’ Favorite

In The Exiles by E. Leo Foster, Johnny had tried his best to set his life on a good path after leaving prison but with no success. Everywhere he went, his ugly past followed him. Everyone he met held that past against him, never believing his version of events, and never giving him a second chance. Then he unknowingly crossed paths with the Haydens and things got even worse. Not only were they willing to hold his past against him, they would use it for their own selfish needs. The Haydens were no ordinary family. With a sheriff for a father and a private investigator for a mother, they could find any information they needed, or even just manufacture evidence against someone if the situation called for it. Their latest target was Johnny and his past made him the perfect mark. But the situation got sticky when Mrs. Hayden discovered Johnny's disturbing connection to both her children. However, behind their perfectly painted family image, the Haydens were as messed up as they come with secrets so dark and sickening. When the heated up situation forces the family to confront its past, blood will turn against blood as one of them chooses love over family.

The Exiles by E. Leo Foster is a captivating narrative about second chances and the prejudice that stands in the way of those chances. Johnny's story will have you thinking twice before you deny someone a second chance because of their past. Everybody deserves a second chance, but hardly ever do we give it to them. By denying these people a real second chance, we deny them that much needed hope for a fresh start and leave them no choice but to turn to the dark side of society where no one will ask questions or hold their past against them. And at times the people we think are the worst of society are mere victims and the people society holds in high esteem are the very worst of the lot. E. Leo Foster brought out these sentiments perfectly through Johnny's story.