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Reviewed By Maria Beltran for Readers’ Favorite

E. Leo Foster’s The Exiles is an intriguing story about Johnny, an ex-convict who finds it hard to have a normal life after his release from prison. Unable to find a job and desperate for money, Johnny seeks out Chad, a steroid junkie athlete, to ask for some help. And this is when the story really starts to unfold. Convicted for the crime of rape that he did not commit, Johnny shares a dark secret with Chad. Adam Hayden saves him from Chad’s wrath and later introduces him to a life of theft, game fixing, and eventually murder. He then meets Anny in a whore house that masquerades as a massage parlor, and finds out that she is Adam’s sister. Anny lives in an invisible prison that makes her an exile as much or even worse than in Johnny’s case. The two fall in love and, as Johnny tries to make sense of his circumstances, he meets the rest of the Hayden family and discovers a family secret that is worse than the prison he came from.

The Exiles by E. Leo Foster deals with the sad fact that it is very difficult for a former prison convict to get a second chance in a society that is both unforgiving and judgmental. And in this story, Johnny goes to prison for a crime he does not commit too. He could have proven his innocence if Chad and the two girls they were together with that night told the truth. Released from prison and unable to fend for himself, Johnny realizes that his past will always haunt him. As both he and Anny try to escape their prisons, we witness the makings of a rotten society that could be our own. Fast paced and easy to read, The Exiles can send shivers down the reader’s spine without really trying. Highly recommended!