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Rapid Reads

Probability vs. Sensationalism

Charged with defending our platoon from mosquitos, I begged sergeant to make camp elsewhere, anywhere, just not next to this stagnate swamp.He refused saying, “This is the only place that isn’t swarming with enemy fighters.”


“But it’s swarming with deadly mosquitos.”


It didn’t matter that the odds of being killed by mosquitos were much greater than by bullets. Just like today, it doesn’t matter that cancer kills more Americans than wars and terrorism by a multiple of a 1000. We still spend 50 times more money on the military than on health care.


The platoon didn’t see the threat of mosquitos because a death by bites wasn’t sensational and interesting enough to defend against them.


Observing today’s insanity brings back the memories of when I had to hopelessly watch my platoon die from malaria.