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Officer X's Confession, "I caused the Invasion"

We all have a strength I suppose, and the way we use that strength determines whether we can survive or even thrive. 


My skill is deception.

My job was to get secrets, which met tricking, black mailing, and persuading people to tell everything about their lives.  The key word is ‘persuade.’ Find out somebody’s motive and vulnerabilities and you will own that person.


With this skill, I was groomed into an elite officer of deception. Ready to serve my country, Iraq.


“Can you come up with misinformation?” The generals asked.  Well, the answer came a little over a decade later.   But it is a resounding, “Yes.” 

I'm the man who tricked the willing American government that Iraq had WMDs.


After the U.S. decimated our army in the 90s, Iraqis were way more afraid of our neighbor Iran invading us than the Americans.  This is why it was my job then to convince the Iranians that we still maintained our chemical and nuclear arsenal, so we could deter Iran's aggression.  


And I did just that.  Using agents spread across the country, we staged phony conversations discussing these nonexistence weapons.  We conducted these fake conversations over the phones and internet knowing Iran, the U.S., and Israel were all listening in and eavesdropping.  I even created a fake code language to add a sense of legitimacy, hoping to entice the world to believe in Iraq’s phony arsenal. 


When you look back on why Hussein refused the U.N.’s weapon inspectors, realize this.  It wasn’t about the U.S.  Again, he was afraid of Iran, and he didn’t dare think the U.S. would get so intimately involved in Iraq.  If so, the he thought the U.S. would have invaded Iraq and destabilized the whole region the first time in the 90s.


 As you know, as we all know, the U.S. did invade our land, and when American soldiers finally captured me, the U.S. government learned the truth, learned about this great facade of Iraq's WMDs. 


Today, I’m finally a free man, and let me just say, when you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll end up walking down another man's road.  This is why I’m confessing- to retire that part of my life.  Today, I’m a proud father of a beautiful daughter.  Today, I make an 'honest' living in advertising.  


Deception might be my strength which I used to survived, but love will allow my life to thrive.