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Rapid Reads

A Fast Break from Liberty

I’m the only one back on defense and my teammates yell, “foul.”

They assume if I don’t foul, the Eagles will get an easy layup and win.   

They just want to survive.

But I’m tired of not winning and just surviving.

I followed the gov’s order and left my home peacefully and came to this camp.

I’m not fouling and giving them a chance to sink a free throw.

If there’s one truth that I learned in this camp is that freedom doesn’t exist for any of us here.

When the Eagles point guard leaped towards the hoop, I block his shot. 

The gov. can get away with everything just as long as they call it WAR.

The ball bounces off the back board and to another Eagle’s player.

Where are my teammates?

They shoulda caught up by now.

The Eagle’s forward slams it down.

Game Over.

And my teammates are still standing on the other end of the court. 

They never thought there was a chance that I, we, could defend the fast break.

That we could even win this game. 

And once again, I felt the pain that comes when your fellow “teammates” fail you.