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How the War on Terror

Led to the Beard Trend

Peter watched the Towers collapse in New York.


Peter became a Navy Seal and went off to Afghanistan to fight the Taliban.


The Navy Seals joined the Afghan Northern Alliance in their fight against the Taliban.


To fit in, gain trust, and earn respect with their Arab allies, The Navy Seals, including Peter, grew Beards- a customary sign of masculinity in Afghanistan. 


Peter, along with the other soldiers, return home sporting his beard, symbolic of his bravery and earlier missions.


Soon after, Peter’s neighbors grew beards wanting to imitate the American hero Peter.


Eventually, the beard fade spreads across the western world much like the saggy pants ‘look’ spread across America in the 90s. 


Back then, after men returned home from prison, where they were forced to wear pants without string (consider a potential weapon) to hold up them up, they continued to let their pants sag outside much like they wore them behind bars- setting the new trend for millions of boys and men (whether they served time or not).   



Fashion evolves from a necessity to adapt to a way to celebrate one’s own uniqueness to an inevitable comfort and then finally to a style replicated by the herd.